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    • Our 24-hour service hotline is +86 4008-267-608. We guarantee truly prompt service in the shortest possible time.
    • Syney Elevators is a foreign-capital elevator company, covering R&D, Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Installation and Customer Service. The company has obtained level “A” in the Chinese National Special Equipment certification for manufacturing and level “B” for installation. As well as obtaining ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certification in China, it has been awarded internationally recognized CE and Russian certificates...
    • Elevators play a vital role in today’s flourishing construction industry. Syney produces high quality passenger elevators, combining outstanding performance with a comfortable experience. We are the ideal choice for locations such as residences, commercial buildings, office buildings, business centers and hotels.
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    Syney Elevators enable people to move smoothly, safely and comfortably within and between buildings, with no waiting time.
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